Re: [cc65] Atari tgi update

From: Fatih AygŁn <>
Date: 2009-11-11 17:31:24

Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

> Using a platform dependent error function just complicates things and adds
> another return value that has to be checked. How bloated will we want the API
> to be? The Atari is already the platform that generates the biggest
> executables, and I don't want to make this the general policy:

Ok :)

> Within local scopes, you must use the global namespace designator (::) to
> explicitly address symbols in the global namespace. In a local scope, when a
> symbol is referenced that wasn't defined in that scope before, the assembler
> cannot decide at that point if a local definition will follow, or if the
> global symbol should be used. It has to delay that decision until end of
> assembly. For operations that control code generation, like .res, .if or
> similar, delaying the decision is not possible so the assembler expects an
> expression that resolves to something constant at that point of assembly. If
> you explictly specify that you want the symbol from the global namespace using
> ::symbol, the error message will go away.

I didn't know that, thanks for clarifying. I can change all defines to normal constants


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