Re: [cc65] Overlaying segments?

From: Fatih AygŁn <>
Date: 2009-11-10 17:29:23

Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

> Just add "define = yes" to the BSS segment in the linker config, and the
> linker will export the symbols __BSS_RUN__, __BSS_LOAD__ and __BSS_SIZE__.

I'm aware of that. But how could I tell the linker to start the INIT_CODE segment from
__BSS_LOAD__ (or __BSS_RUN__, they're the same for my case)?

This obviously doesn't work:

    ZP:   start = $0080, size = $0040, type = rw;
    RAM:  start = $0700, size = $B900, file = %O;
    RAM2: start = __BSS_LOAD__, size = $C000 - __BSS_LOAD__, file = +O;
    CODE:        load = RAM, type = ro;
    RODATA:      load = RAM, type = ro;
    DATA:        load = RAM, type = rw;
    BSS:         load = RAM, type = bss, define = yes;
    INIT_CODE:   load = RAM2, type = ro;
    INIT_RODATA: load = RAM2, type = ro;
    INIT_DATA:   load = RAM2, type = rw;
    INIT_BSS:    load = RAM2, type = bss;

Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Maybe you want to check out the Apple2 startup code:
> When loaded from disk the INIT segment is located where the BSS
> segment "should be" - simply because there's one contiguous file that
> is loaded. The startup code first moves INIT above BSS (making sure
> that an overlap between original and final INIT region is okay). Then
> the stuff in INIT is called (incl. clearing the BSS). Later on the
> INIT segment gets (potentially) overwritten by the stack and/or heap.

I don't need any stack or heap. I want the INIT_* segments overlaid with BSS, not only
in the file but in the memory too. I clear BSS later, in the CODE segment.

But thanks anyway, when reading your posts, it occured to me that I can pull this trick by 
calling ld65 once with a bogus RAM2 address and make it generate a map file. Now that 
I know where BSS is supposed to be, I can call it a second time, this time with a known 
RAM2 offset, using some perl magic. The only remaining problem is the fact that I stink
at perl. Good opportunity to start fixing that :)


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