Re: [cc65] Splitting crt0.s files in two?

From: Fatih AygŁn <>
Date: 2009-11-05 23:01:11

> a linker config
> cannot force an object module to be linked. I've evaluated this when the
> startup code moved into the library, but dismissed it, because the
> implementation was too much work. 

Sorry, when I proposed the feature I was sure that it was already done 
with the startup files being moved into the libraries and stuff. Now, I see how the
__STARTUP__ trick is working. It's forced in by the compiler, not the linker.

> Even I would have to lookup both things mentioned
> above (using -u and the startup symbol) several times in the docs. And given
> that, isn't it easier to just copy the header to your assembler source?

Not if you know the name of the symbol like you know "main" for C and if you're
sometimes too lazy to download the sources :) It's not that big a  problem for me 
anyway, I already have my custom configs and startup files :)

> > I was referring to a bootable disk image, a disk image without any file system 
> in it.
> Ok. But this is probably not what a newcomer will start with.

I'm the odd one I guess. Probably because I didn't own a disk drive back in the old
days and I was writing cassette booted programs that use the same header structure.

> I know that the ca65/ld65 combo is powerful,

It is indeed. I never looked back since I made the transition. New users wouldn't mind
diving into the docs for a few hours if they knew what they were missing. Please keep
up the fantastic work :)


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