[cc65] Splitting crt0.s files in two?

From: Fatih AygŁn <cyco1301yahoo.com>
Date: 2009-11-05 12:04:39

Currently the start-up file for the Atari platform fulfills (at least) two separate functions. My knowledge
on the other platforms is limited but a quick look at the sources gives me the same impression for 
them too.

The first function is to create the header and footer for the binary format of the platform. The second one is to
initialize the C run-time. I think splitting those two functions in two separate files might bring some advantages.

The first scenario is: I want to write a non-C assembly program. I end up writing an EXE header and footer,
which I basically copy from crt0.s. If the header/footer were in a separate file, I would just link that and forget
about it.

The second scenario is: I want to write a C program but I want to use another binary format. Like a bootable
disk image, a cartridge image or whatever. I write a custom linker config, I copy the start-up file, I change it
so that it creates the header/footer for my binary format. If the C run-time initialization code were in a separate file
I would just write the config and binary header, and link to the library as usual. Moreover, it could be possible
to supply some alternative config files and header/footer files with the cc65 package for some often used
binary formats.

I'm sure similar scenarios are applicable for at least some of the other platforms.

Any thoughts?


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