[cc65] tgi_outtext, no more questions, hopefully :)

From: Fatih AygŁn <cyco1301yahoo.com>
Date: 2009-10-30 11:45:07

If noone sees any problem with this output: http://atari.isgreat.org/tgi-text.png

which is made by:

tgi_textstyle(2, 3, TGI_TEXT_HORIZONTAL);
tgi_outtextxy(0, font_y * 3, "BIG!");
tgi_line(0, y, x_res - 1, y);
tgi_line(x, 0, x, y_res - 1);
tgi_textstyle(1, 2, TGI_TEXT_HORIZONTAL);
tgi_outtextxy(x+1, y, "tgi!");
tgi_textstyle(1, 2, TGI_TEXT_VERTICAL);
tgi_outtextxy(x, y-1, "tgi!");

where x = xres / 2 and yres/2 and font_y is system font height in pixels.

then it's done: Atari now has text output support in its tgi's!

As a side effect, it has a much faster tgi_bar routine.

It's all in here: http://atari.isgreat.org/atari-tgi-2009-10-30.zip

But I don't recommend downloading it for anything but testing yet since 
I will be doing a major cleanup tomorrow morning. I'll also add a couple of
two-paged drivers.

Thanks for helping so far!


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