[cc65] cbm_readdir

From: Thomas Giesel <skoe1directbox.com>
Date: 2009-09-28 21:20:39
Hi all,

Currently I'm reviewing the function cbm_readdir. The reason it fails
is that it handles the disk title in exactly the same ways as file

This leads to following problems:
- The dir header has a more or less random type (depends from disk
- The file entry after the dir header happens to be skipped because the
  0-termination of the header was read already

It seems that this can be solved even without making the code
noticable larger and without breaking the existing API. What I want to
do is to define a new value for the header entry (which can have any
value currently).

But there are some questions:
from cbm.h:

#define CBM_T_CBM   5           /* 1581 sub-partition */
#define CBM_T_DIR   6           /* IDE64 and CMD sub-directory */
#define CBM_T_VRP   8           /* Vorpal fast-loadable format */
#define CBM_T_OTHER 5           /* Other file-types not yet defined */

Is there a reason for using the value 5 twice?
Is the value 7 reserved for something?



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