Re: [cc65] two little bugs

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2009-09-25 17:44:40
From: silverdr; on Monday, Sept. 14, 2009; at 05:48 PM -0400
> On 2009-09-01, at 02:40, Greg King wrote:
> >>
> >> Huh?  Since when?  The TOD happily goes on after a reset, try it.
> >
> > I did -- it didn't!
> >
> > I tested the CIAs on my breadbox NTSC 64.  Hardware-reset stopped both
> > Time-Of-Day clocks.  I cannot find any thing in the firmware that
> > would do
> > that.  Therefore, I conclude that reset stops _everything_.
> Could you let us know how exactly do you test it?

A simple BASIC program:

0 print"{home}";peek(56329);"{cursor-left} ";:goto0

It displays the "seconds" register, in real-time.

I ran the program; and, confirmed that the register didn't change.  I poked
location 56328, reran the program, and confirmed that the register started
changing.  While the register showed a non-zero number, I reset the
machine.  I reran the program; and, saw that the "seconds" register showed
zero, and did not change.

I poked again; and, repeated the tests many times -- just to make sure that
it was not a fluke.  I did it with both chips.

P.S. Yes, those tests were done on _real_ hardware!

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