Re: [cc65] Secondary linker configurations

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2009-09-25 10:17:37
On Freitag 25 September 2009, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> >> If your conio implementations are contained within one file (for
> >> example, because all they replace is putchar), they would definitely
> >> qualify for this approach. If they're contained in multiple modules,
> >> this becomes too complex, and I would rather suggest adding them as a
> >> project to the cc65 contrib section.
> >
> > the replace several modules, just putchar isnt enough. clrscr is another,
> > an init call is needed too (in a constructor) since the 80 colums one
> > uses hires mode, and a few more (dont recall exactly). mmmh
> Just my two cents...
> I see two primary reasons for distributing code into modules:
> a) Allow the linker to only link in what is actually needed
> b) Source code maintainance
> Obviously this only makes sense if the code in question isn't that
> large and/or it can presumed that using some of if more or less
> implies using all/most of it...

ofcourse, but that isnt the case. i replace modules which are also modules in 
the original lib, and most of them are independent (clrscr for example)

i dont quite understand what the problem is with linking additional libraries 
though :) except that it would require splitting the lib into several libs 
and not put everything into one - which IMHO isnt the optimal approach, as it 
is kinda limiting.


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