Re: [cc65] library path

From: Karri Kaksonen <>
Date: 2009-09-24 09:26:01
Groepaz wrote:
> for the records: i never used those environment variables, and for a *nix 
> program it would be kinda strange if i had to. is it really going to be a 
> requirement?

I believe you really need these. In Unix I have this in my makefiles:

# Include paths we may need for compilations
ifeq ($(CC65_INC),)
ifeq ($(CC65_ASMINC),)

# Rule for making a *.o file out of a *.s file
%.o: %.s
        $(AS) -t lynx -I $(CC65_ASMINC) -o $@ $(AFLAGS) $<

The Windows installation define these variables by default and I can 
also define them if I want to. But I don't have to do it as the 
Makefiles know where to find stuff.


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