Re: [cc65] Secondary linker configurations

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2009-09-24 08:48:10
On Montag 21 September 2009, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

> In the past, I've usually rejected additional linker config files, because
> their use was difficult. Now, this is not necessarily true any longer. So I
> would like to invite you to send me your custom linker configs, provided
> that they cover an often used case. I would especially be interested in the
> 32K config for the VIC20 - I remember that someone talked about it or even
> sent it to me, but I don't have it.

mmmh, would it also make it possible to link alternative libs? for example i 
have a few alternative conio implementations lying around:

- (software driven) 80 columns for c64
- (software driven) 40 columns for vic20
- alternative screen layout for vic20

and i wouldnt mind donating them (the first two can be really useful for some 
things i guess)


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