[cc65] GeneralPlus-SunPlus...

From: Ted Larson <ted1larsonland.com>
Date: 2009-09-23 04:49:28
Hey all!


I am new to the list.  I have been hunting around for a C compiler that
could be used to develop for the GPC1 series (GeneralPlus / SunPlus) chips.
CC65 looks ideal, because it looks like it can generate an assembly file
that I could pump through the GeneralPlus macro assembler and linker.  I did
some Google searches, and found some super old posts about this.  Is there
anyone out there currently doing this that can give me any pointers or
helpful ideas?


My initial thought was to do some simple programs, compile them, pull them
into the Fortis IDE (GPlus tools), and assemble them for a test to link in
the necessary stuff.  I did a Hello World type program, and the .s file it
generates looks good to go.  It looks like memory management will really be
the biggest challenge….especially getting the bank switching in there
somehow.  Maybe I am being na´ve or missing something.


Anyway, any hints would be super.







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