Re: [cc65] Building with custom CC and CFLAGS

From: Christian Gröšssler <>
Date: 2009-09-10 23:57:50
Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 11:25:47PM +0200, Christian Grö?ssler wrote:
>> Setting things on the command line (like "make CC=ultracc") should
>> override the definitions of CC in the makefile. There is a way to
>> prohibit this, but I don't remember how right now.
> And how are these settings propagated to sub-makes? If the top-level makefile
> is called with on override on the command line, does this override propagate
> to the sub-makes, even if they don't reveive it on the command line?

 From my experience, yes, it's propagated. It's too late now today for
me to point out why, but it is :-)

I'm using this feature quite often in my regular daily work.

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