[cc65] Re: New 80 col switch API

From: Jonathan Graham Harston <jgh1arcade.demon.co.uk>
Date: 2009-09-08 00:43:24
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Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> > How about videomode(unsigned int mode) ? Then you could pass column
> > and rows.
> The idea is nice, but it makes the switching code larger and more complex,
The simplest /implementation/ as opposed to /specification/ is to
ignore the rows parameter, viz:
videomode (unsigned int mode)
if ((mode && 0xff)==40) { select_40_col_mode }
  else { select_80_col_mode }
> while most programs won't use it. Having just 40x25 and 80x25 chars for now
Those program that need fuller access should link to a larger,
more-complete library. As long as the API lets you pass
rows&columns, it's largely irrelavanet that the implementation only
implements columns.
> My suggestion would be to implement it as suggested by Oliver. We can still
Which is essentially what I expended on, Oliver suggests
videomode(40) selects a 40-column screen mode with the default set
numer of rows, I suggest that vidoemode(40) selects a 40-column
screen mode with no row parameter supplied, so selecting a default
number of rows. In effect, the same thing.
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