Re: [cc65] Re: New 80 col switch API

From: Karri Kaksonen <>
Date: 2009-09-07 06:30:22
Jonathan Graham Harston wrote:
>> Message-ID: <>
> Oliver Schmidt wrote:
>> From my perspective the actual "new" API could look like this:
>> unsigned char __fastcall__ videomode (unsigned char mode);
>> #define VIDEOMODE_40COL 0x??
>> #define VIDEOMODE_80COL 0x??
> How about videomode(unsigned int mode) ? Then you could pass column
> and rows.
> #define VIDEOMODE_40COL 0x0028
> #define VIDEOMODE_80COL 0x0050
> #define VIDEOMODE_80by25 0x1550
> #define VIDEOMODE_80by32 0x2050
> etc.

The Atari Lynx also has some extra needs.

In the current tgi api I have implemented 3 commands that did not have a 
dedicated named function:

#define tgi_sprite(spr) tgi_ioctl(0, (unsigned)(spr))
#define tgi_flip() tgi_ioctl(1, 0)
#define tgi_setbgcolor(bgcol) tgi_ioctl(2, (unsigned)(bgcol))

tgi_sprite displays a sprite

tgi_flip turns the screen upside down for left-handed users

tgi_setbgcolor sets the background pen for text (0 = transparent)

Currently I use tgi_ioctl for these extra needs.

tgi_sprite is used by all Lynx programs. It would be nice to add it as a 
native function to the tgi library.

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