Re: [cc65] Benchmarks

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-09-04 16:09:07
Hi Uz,

> If you have any program that would qualify as a benchmark program and complies
> with 1-3, please let me know.

What about some "usual suspects" like...

- Towers of Hanoi
Simple to code from scratch.

- Fibonacci numbers
Simple to code from scratch.

- Sudoku solving
Either the cc65 user contribution code or i.e.

The latter ports quite well to cc65 (after replacing getopt() with
fixed parameters) and runs with relatively simple sudokus well.
Originally it uses recursion with an automatic variable to large for
cc65, so I moved that variable to the heap. The recursion deepth
depends on the sudoku complexity so with difficult ones it runs out of
heap memory on cc65 targets. You can provide a list of sudokus in a
file so you can get REALLY long runtimes if you want. However I don't
know if GPL qualifies for your requirement 3.)

Best, Oliver
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