Re: [cc65] Own parameter call stack?

From: Karri Kaksonen <>
Date: 2009-09-02 07:16:44
Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> Hi!
> On Tue, Sep 01, 2009 at 07:53:48PM +0300, Karri Kaksonen wrote:
>> In case you want to have a look at a really big cc65 project (the source
>> is also included) in
> Whow, that's really respectable. Would you mind testing this thing with the
> new version once a release candidate is available?
> Regards
>         Uz

I would really like to do it. There are so many good details in the 
current cc65 suite of tools that I would hate to lose functionality.

To compile my sources you need only one program outside the cc65 suite. 
It is the sprite packer "sprpck" to convert the sprites from bmp format 
to a binary that you can include using .include statement. All the other 
tools are included in the cc65 release.

I wonder if we could create a resource compiler for cc65 that could 
compile 1-bit, 2-bit, 3-bit and 4-bit bitmaps to compressed sprites?

It should be able to output three objects:
- unsigned char  name_bits_per_pixel
- unsigned char name_pal[16]
- unsigned char name_sprite[] or unsigned char name_sprite_000_000[]
from an input image "name"

Naturally this resource compiler needs to have a few inputs like
- "desired bits per pixel"
- sys = lynx
- segment = GAME_RODATA
- anchor = (x, y)  the location of 0,0 in the sprite
- offset = (x, y) the pixel location where the first sprite starts in 
the input bitmap
- size = (w, h) size of one sprite
- tiles = (n, m) layout of the sprites in the bitmap n = horisontal 
sprites, m= vertical sprites
You don't have to support lots of different formats. Just one format 
like indexed png would be ok.

After this I would not need any tools outside the cc65 suite for writing 
code for the Lynx.

In the future I would like to try to create a symbolic debugger at the 
C-level using Code::Blocks IDE. It would further speed up development of 
Lynx games.
Thank you for a great compiler,


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