Re: [cc65] Own parameter call stack?

From: Christian Krüger <>
Date: 2009-09-01 15:04:47
>can't see how that would help... it would still be a software stack,

yes, but the high byte handling could be dropped...

>and the code would still be very similar to what it is now.
>(and ofcourse you can inline stack access right now, several functions of the runtime lib do it).

yes, but since the high byte handling takes additional code space, inlining is not very attractive now...

>better design your code in a way that you can use fastcall conventions and only pass one or two parameters.

This is not allways possible. My solution for 'leaf'-functions is to transfer data to static parameters,
but this is difficult to overhaul and error-prone (when it becomes a 'non-leaf-function')...

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