Re: [cc65] Profiling, timing on the Apple //e

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2009-08-23 13:10:36
On Sonntag 23 August 2009, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Hi Groepaz,
> > pardon my ignorance, but doesnt the apple2 have some kind of timer
> > interrupt that you can use for that? i would think that seconds arent a
> > very useful resolution for profiling either :)
> I can imagine how surprised you might be to hear that in general an
> apple2 actually does _NOT_ have any timer interrupt facility.
> You need some add-on to have that - typically a clock (like the
> Thunderclock) or a mouse. Obviously this means that a general purpose
> program can't presume at all to have a timer interrupt available.

wow interisting.... another thing to add on the "apple2 is weird" list =) (i 
really love the disk controller for its weirdness =))


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