Re: [cc65] Chicken and Egg Problem (?)

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-23 10:01:20

>>> But now with the startup code living in the C/runtime library the
>>> whole thing doesn't get started if main() lives in a library - at
>>> least that's how things look to me.
>> I don't know much about Contiki, but there must be something, the application
>> must do to make use of it. How about adding a
>>        .forceimport    _main
>> somewhere in a library module that *must* be used by an application?
> Thanks for the hint. However to me this looks like a workaround (or
> even a hack) but not like a true solution.
> From my perspective it seems reasonable to presume that the linker
> together with the C/runtime library does "somehow make sure" that
> main() is referred.
> I understand that the linker fore sure isn't limited to C programs so
> it doesn't make sense to hard-code such a reference but what about
> i.e. extending the linker config syntax/functionality to allow
> something analog to .forceimport (being kind of the "opposite" of
> SYMBOL {}, maybe called IMPORT {}). The builtin linker configs could
> then use that functionality for the symbol _main.

No feedback at all on my posting above ?

Just imagine forgetting or misspelling main(). Wouldn't you expect the
linker (called with -t <target>) to complain about not being able to
resolve the symbol '_main' ?

The current snapshot issues instead rather cryptic messages about some
missing but obligatory segments because it doesn't link in the startup

Best, Oliver
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