Re: [cc65] Apple //e time() and printer support.

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-14 22:56:54

> I am running ProDOS8 2.0.3.  I can access the clock with time() OR I can
> have 80 column mode using __asm__ ("jsr %w", 0xc300);, but not both.
> If I set 80 col mode, then time() returns -1.  Otherwise it works as you say
> in option 2.

Thanks for the feedback. For reasons I haven't investigated so far the
seemingly obvious method of invoking the 80 col display you mention
above does break ProDOS. All calls (at least the ones I've tried)
fail. Up to now my personal (very ugly) workaround is a BASIC program
doing PR#3 and then BLOADing the cc65 program. I'll surely add a
function to successfully switch to 80 col display (and back) sometime
to the C Library...

Best, Oliver
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