Re: [cc65] Startup magic

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-01 13:35:24
Hi Uz,

First of all thanks for the detailed explanation :-)

> That depends. In the early versions of cc65, the startup file had to be the
> first module in the linker command line (up until yesterday, most startup
> files contained such a note). The first reason was to have it linked in, the
> second was to have the code placed at the start of the executable, which is
> necessary for most platforms.
> With the introduction of the STARTUP segment, only the first reason was still
> valid.

I see :-)

> With the latest change, even the second reason is no longer valid, ...

I presume this should actually read "...even the first reason...", shouldn't it?

Thanks for clarifying, Oliver
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