Re: [cc65] Startup magic (was: Segment EXEHDR does not exist - while using ld65 directly)

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-01 12:09:37

>>Since the startup module is no
>>longer the first module on the linker command line, startup code placement has
>>to be done in the linker config using segments.

> Could somebody in the meanwhile refresh my memory and explain the purpose
> of the STARTUP segment (not the new one introduced with the recent changes
> to slurp in the startup code at the very beginning of the exe file)?

Hm, until now I thought that placing the startup object file on the
linker command line was solely necessary to make sure it get's linked
- acting like an anchor that pulls in everything else necessary.

But regarding the placement of the startup code at the beginning of
the binary I thought this was all the recent years managed in the
linker config by declaring the STARTUP segment as the first one going
into the RAM memory area.

If these assumptions should be wrong - as Uz' statement above
indicates -  then your question is indeed an interesting one...

Slightly puzzled, Oliver
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