Re: [cc65] HEAP from here to there

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-06-05 11:28:33
Hi Greg,

> The boundaries of the heap would be formed by two segments (or, only one in
> some targets).  They would be placed in different memory areas.  Their size
> would be zero; only their starting addresses would be important.  The distance
> between those two addresses would be the heap's size.

I must admit that I'm not too happy with your suggestion. From the
ld65 perspective a segment is a entity with a size determined at link
time. This isn't generally true for the heap (nor is it necessary or
even desirable). So the heap just isn't a segment and therefore your
idea seems misuse of the segment paradigm - which is quite confusing
to every non-insider. And those non-insiders tend to already have
issues with understanding the linker config (as you can judge easily
i.e. from the postings in this thread)...

I'd consider it much more intuitive and straight-forward to have
symbols for the heap instead. Something like this:

  __STACKSIZE__: value = $800, weak = yes;    # 2 Ki stack

  __HEAPORG__: __RAM_LAST__;  # or alternatively __BSS_RUN__ + __BSS_SIZE__
  __HEAPEND__: $D000 - __STACKSIZE__;

Maybe this would be supported by ld65 out-of-the box. Otherwise ld65
might need a slight modification...

Best, Oliver
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