[cc65] Templates for cc65 programs needed by anybody?

From: <Maspethrose71aol.com>
Date: 2009-01-31 19:35:57
Does anybody here use the same code over and over?  I have a program  that 
can help automate the process of creating such multiple copies.   (Actually, I 
have two, but the second is in its alpha stage. :( )  It is  called Template 
Creator for DOS.  It is at _http://www.simtel.net/_ (http://www.simtel.net/) .  
Look for  "Template Creator for DOS," and you will find it.  Its template 
limit is 16  per file type and 64 file types.  It works under Win32.  I am almost  
finished with the Gamma version 1.00--I just need to compile it and upload  it
--but it has the same structural limit.  Download it and tell me what you  
think.  If you decide to e-mail me directly, start the subject with "To  Joseph" 
as I share my e-mail address.  BTW, sorry about the spam, but it  was the 
only way to get this program recognized.
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