Re: [cc65] creating new output target platform for cc65 - Arcade Hardware

From: steve-cc65 <>
Date: 2009-01-24 22:31:05
> Most of Atari, Data East, Exidy, Gottlieb and Rock-Ola's early
> games. That includes Asteroids, Burger Time, Q*Bert and quite a
> few others.

You are correct.  The MOS 6502 was prevalent during the early years when 
the arcade games were built on 8 bit platforms.  The 6502 was the lowest 
cost 8 bit processor out there at the time.  Atari chose to adopt the 
650x family early on as the standard for their arcade games, vcs (2600) 
and home computers.

As far as I am concerned, the *best* games of the era were built on the 
6502 CPU.  That's why I'm looking into using CC65.  :-)

I've made some progress since last night but could use a little personal 
help.  If anyone out there is interested in working on extending CC65 to 
work with the arcade hardware, please shoot me an email and we can 
discuss it detail offline.

-- Steve

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