Re: [cc65] Any interest in GameCartVic?

From: Jonathan MASUR <>
Date: 2009-01-20 18:49:15
Groepaz a écrit :
> no, they were never ment to be used to write games :) the nes library only has 
> some basic screen output for text, and joystick input. for a game, you will 
> surely need your own gfx stuff.
> if you want to write games, you pretty much have to roll your own libraries 
> for screen i/o etc yourself anyway. (and anything "cool" would almost 
> certainly require huge parts of it beeing in asm) the runtime of cc65 is 
> pretty much as good as it can get, and i doubt you can gain much by changing 
> fundamentally how it works (except you'll surely get tons of interisting bugs 
> =P)
Creating interesting bugs is not really what I'd like to do, I would 
have enough bugs in the code being compiled so it would feel terrible if 
the compiler itself is bugged :(

Of couse any kind of I/O should be written in assembly, but it would be 
nice if something decent was available as a starter kit so that newbies 
that don't know much could start NES-deving with C without having to 
worry about instruction fetches and clock cycles in a first place. I'm 
pretty sure there is a lot of people involved in GBA-dev and Nintendo 
DS-dev because they can write small games/demo easily in C, altough I 
have to check that out. Of course the respective CPUs are more modern, 
faster and all so this helps.
> but like you said, its pretty much the way to do it. the 6502 just isnt a cpu 
> that can run compiled code very efficiently, for example due to the limited 
> stack. (and no, it doesnt really work without a software stack, except for 
> very trivial programs maybe)
Of course using the $100-$1ff stack would just be terribly inefficent. I 
guess I would have to re-write some decent NES libraries, and try to do 
stuff with the I/O done in assembly and the engine done in C and see how 
well it would work, also newbie could come straight away and code stuff 
in C without worrying much about what is exactly happening in the first 

I know assembly so it is not a problem to write games, altough the 
variable conflicts thing is really annoying to track. The real problem 
is to port them to another platform where you have to re-write the whole 
programm just because it's a different CPU, as it would be the case when 
porting from NES to GB (there is also a compiler available). Or even if 
it's the same CPU because I/O capabilities are completely different, as 
when porting from C64 to NES.
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