Re: [cc65] Makefiles?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-01-18 21:45:01

> I should have elaborated: I *really* don't know how to use or create
> makefiles.  Where can I find makefile docs. and a makefile executor for
> cc65?

So your question isn't about makefiles for cc65 but rather makefiles
in general. The GNU make doc is both authoritative and exhaustive:

cc65 runs on many platforms so the question on the executor is rather
a question on the executor for a certain platform. Many platforms
supported by cc65 come with GNU make. For Win32 Cygwin most likely the
best but anyway the most popular approach:

You might consider this to heavyweight for just executing makefiles.
However section 14.2 of the GNU make doc says that a makefile can
presume to have the following utilities available:
cat cmp cp diff echo egrep expr false grep install-info ln ls mkdir mv
pwd rm rmdir sed sleep sort tar test touch true
gzip ar bison cc flex install ld ldconfig lex make makeinfo ranlib texi2dvi yacc

So one needs to consider these utilities part of the makefile
execution environment - and from that perspective Cygwin seems already
much more reasonable...

Best, Oliver
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