[cc65] Fields Update

From: <Maspethrose71aol.com>
Date: 2009-01-11 13:58:17
Recently, I started to apply some suggestions made to me to improve  Fields.  
I separated the text and number fields from the main  field-handler.  
However, I didn't separate them from each other  because they share much of the same 
code.  I also have two ideas to  simplify the database info routines: 1. use a 
routine to fill in some of the  database information, and 2. use a cc65 
program to help automate the task of  creating the database fields.  Someone 
suggested that I make it more  OO-like, but I can't figure out how.  I would post 
this information on  comp.sys.cbm, but those people have grown sick and tired of 
me.  What do  you think?
BTW, How do I include text from an e-mail post in a response to it in  AOL 
9.0 VR?
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