[cc65] Template Creator for DOS?

From: <Maspethrose71aol.com>
Date: 2008-12-27 18:10:12
Anyone here use DOS?  Template Creator for DOS, or TmpCreat for short,  can 
help create and manage templates under DOS.  For the emulation  community, this 
means you can write a template out of a cc65 module or an  assembler program 
or a document, or even a code binary, and use it  again and again.  It is 
limited to 16 templates each of 64 file  types.  It works under Windows, up to XP: 
just place a short-cut to this  program wherever you need templates.  It is 
freeware, and a little buggy,  for it was a quick hack.  :)  I am willing to 
e-mail it to anybody who  wants a copy.  Thank you for listening.
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