[cc65] C64 - how to use disk I/O?

From: Adrian Siekierka <asiekierka1gmail.com>
Date: 2008-11-25 17:37:47
Hello. I'm a newcomer to cc65 and C64 programming in general.
The question is, how to get disk I/O for the C64 to work?
I tried CBM commands - fail.
Standard C I/O - fail.
I just want to read a PRG file (with no load address, just data) into
memory! Or any other kind of file.
It's for my BF interpreter, so it should be possible (with my way) to just
rename a TXT file and add it to a d64.
Anyone knows how to read files from a 15x1 with cc65 code on a c64?
Thanks in advance,

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