Re: [cc65] New release?

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2008-04-10 02:19:26
From: "Groepaz" on Wednesday, April 09, 2008; at 05:48 PM -0400

> On Mittwoch 09 April 2008, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> > Oliver told me that having POSIX opendir/readdir/closedir
> > functions for the CBMs would be useful.
> Umpf, didnt I post that code ages ago?
> (OK, it's not 100% either, but

It's worse than that!  I completed your code a long time ago, and I have
kept the header compatible with the Apple2 version; but -- as usual -- I
forget to send it in!

I, too, have "problems" similar to what the others have memtioned:  I want
to move some of the readdir() code into stat() functions.  I wrote
"complete" versions of <sys/types.h> and <sys/stat.h>, but then I stopped.
I haven't even begun to think about writing those stat functions!  :-/

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