Re: [cc65] New release?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2008-04-09 23:41:48
Hi Uz,

> It depends. Releasing a bugfixed 2.11 version is not really an option, because
> Oliver made quite some changes, and as far as I know the current Contiki
> sources won't build for the apple with a bugfixed 2.11.

Thanks for taking this into account :-) And yes, you are right !

> I don't seem to be able to finish bigger changes, because of
> time constraints.

Seems very familiar to me. The changes referred to above took more
than a year to complete !

> Oliver told me that having POSIX opendir/readdir/closedir
> functions for the CBMs would be useful, so I had a look into it and found that
> it is not too much work.

Great :-)

> Started to write opendir() - and wasn't able to spent
> a single minute on it the last five days or so. Just as an example ...

No issue for me. The time I'll need to implement the code using those
functions is best measured in months ;-)

> But the snapshot is probably better than the old 2.11 release, so it would be
> possible to release it as 2.12 knowing that there are some problems.
> How about this: I will give another 10 days for everyone to test the current
> snapshot for serious problems and will release it as 2.12 after that. Would
> that be acceptable?

Both from the Contiki (on the C64 and the Apple2) and from the
Apple2-in-general perspective I'm very happy with the current snapshot
so I'd love to see that as 2.12 !

Best, Oliver
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