Re: [cc65] Compiler Bug (?)

From: Andrew J. Kroll <>
Date: 2008-04-05 16:19:28
> > I don't know TortoiseCVS, but I'm using TortoiseSVN every day - and that 
> > means
> > a lot for a command line junkie like me:-)
> Thanks for all of the SVN discussion. I finally got around to implementing a 
> personal SVN server at work. I started to use Bazaar, but the lack of an 
> easy to use GUI plug-in made it more of a challenge to use. So far, SVN 
> seems like a nice fit for keeping track of revisions to files. 

Thought of tring DARCS? The reasons I mention it is...

1: Conversion from/to other systems is trivial.
2: There are several *simple* ways to submit patches (even email!)
3: No special daemons to run, it's all web based.
4: The commands on the command line, actually make sense to noobs.
5: DARCS will prompt you if you aren't familiar with all the options.
6: You can do recording of changes from anywhere within a tree, and those
changes will be recorded in the main database.
7: I found that setting up a repository was so simple, that I didn't at
first think it would be as powerful as the webpage said. Was I ever wrong on
that point when looking for code management I could live with! :-)

Now for the cons...
The only "bad" thing is that you need GHC to compile it, however most Linux
distros already include GHC... I'm also fairly certain that it works fine on
cygwin, but I've not personally tried that...

Andrew J. Kroll
Software and Hardware Engineer and Consultant
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