Re: [cc65] Lynx target

From: Karri Kaksonen <>
Date: 2008-03-21 15:47:09
Greg King kirjoitti:
> From: "Karri Kaksonen" on Thursday, March 20, 2008; at 05:20 AM -0400
>> void __fastcall__ FileLoadFile(int filenumber)
>> void __fastcall__ FileExecFile(int filenumber)
> I think that those functions should be renamed CartLoadFile() and
> CartExecFile().  It will avoid confusion about the source of what they load.
Makes sense.
> I adapted some code from your ""
> contribution, and created enough POSIX input functions to allow Lynx
> programs to load dynamic drivers (into heap space) in the same way that
> other targets do it.  Examples:
>     // The joystick and graphics drivers are the third and fourth files
>     // in the directory.
>     status = joy_load_driver(joy_stddrv);
>     tgi_load_driver("\3");
Interesting. I have to add this to my template.
> It might be interesting to add a layer above those EEPROM functions that
> sees the EEPROM as a POSIX file.
Yes. There is also big EEPROMs on the market up tp 256k for about a 
dollar or two. These could also be supported by the same driver.

The getenv/putenv idea in a previous post was a bit strange as I would 
also need to save the key and the data. The size of the current EEPROM 
is so small that in MegaPak I needed every byte just to save the state 
of the included adventure game.


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