Re: [cc65] A bug?

From: <>
Date: 2008-03-07 01:34:03
On 2008-03-06, at 09:50, stefan wrote:

> Be aware, that cc65 translates the control character depending
> on the specified target system. If you don't specify any, no  
> translation
> will be done.
> The target system can be set seperately for CA65, CC65 and LD65.
> Perhaps the source of error is caused by choosing the wrong target.

I used cl65 and I remembered what the docs say about it:

"The default for [-t] this option is different from the compiler and  
linker in the case that the option is missing: While the other tools  
(compiler, assembler and linker) will use the "none" system settings  
by default, cl65 will use the C64 as a target system by default."

I may also check with explicit settings. Still - I guess it simply  
sends the 0x0d and 0x0a bytes, not taking care of the fact that 0x0a  
does nothing on the 64. OTOH it might also be a fully correct  
behaviour as Mark wrote that C specification "does not require '\r' to  
have any particular effect when output".

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