Re: [cc65] A bug? (was: Questions for CBM guys)

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2008-03-05 13:39:52
From: silverdr on Wednesday, March 05, 2008; at 04:00 AM -0500
> > Now -- having said that -- I got interested, and shall have to check
> > how cc65's runtime lib. achieves "\r" on the CBM.  I don't remember a
> > simple "one shot" way of doing it on a C64.
> So, I checked -- seems that it actually _doesn't_ achieve "\r" properly!
> I wrote a simple:
> printf("abcd\n");
> printf("efgh\r");
> printf("ijkl\n");
> and I got:
> abcd
> efghijkl
> instead of:
> abcd
> ijkl
> Is this a bug or a feature?  I know it is not very straightforward; but
> AFAIR, it still can be achieved with a combination of SCREEN and PLOT
> calls without too much hassle, can't it?

It is a feature.  When cc65 and ca65 translate ASCII into PETSCII, they swap
the values of '\r' and '\n'.

The CONIO functions do obey both '\r' and '\n' -- in the MS-DOS way.  And, I
think that we can mix CONIO and STDIO functions on the CBM platforms.  We
can use the positioning functions, such as gotoxy().

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