[cc65] Re: Questions for CBM guys

From: Jonathan Graham Harston <jgh1arcade.demon.co.uk>
Date: 2008-03-04 11:53:59
I checked the documentation before posting to check that
the C64 was similar to the Acorn world:
Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide:
"If no punctuation finishes the list, a carriage-return
and a line- feed are printed at the end of the data. If
a comma or semicolon terminates the output-list, the
carriage-return and line-feed are suppressed."
"For printer files, an automatic line-feed will be
performed by carriage-return"
"if you choose a logical file number that is greater
than 127, then a line feed will follow all carriage
That clearly indicates that line-feed and carriage-return
are two seperate functions.
Remember, I'm talking about /screen/ drivers here, not
teletypes, printers, typing input, etc.
Character 13 - CR - repeatedly moves left until in the
  lefthand column
Character 8 moves left one
Character 9 moves right one
Character 10 moves down one
Character 11 moves up one
The only system I knew before this thread where this does
not happen is the Sinclair computers, where CHR$13 moves
down and left, the equivalent of CR/LF, so making it
impossible to do a LF or a CR.
> MSDOS   : $0d$0a
> CBM     : $0d
> Amiga   : $0a
> Atari   : $9b
> Unix    : $0a
> Mac[*]  : $0d
Nope, I've used a Mac, and PRINT CHR$13; moves to the
lefthand column without moving down, and PRINT CHR$10;
moves down without changing the column, and the Unix
systems I've used that have a screen driver (/not/ a
teletype driver) do the same.
If the others do perform as you say, then how on earth
do you move the cursor down without changing the column?
And how on earth do you move to the lefthand column without
moving down a line?
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