Re: [cc65] Questions for CBM guys

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2008-02-29 20:22:10

First of all thanks for your quick and numerous reactions :-)

> if what you want is like opening an actual file on disk ("testfile.txt")
> twice....i am not sure what will happen. my assumption would be, that you'll
> get problems at least =)

That's the scenario, I'm refering to. Does somebody know for sure?

> The 1541 can keep open at most either 3 sequential files at once, or 1
> relative and 1 sequential one.

Does the cc65 POSIX file I/O library use sequential files or relative files?

Is it correct to say that the maximum number of open files depends on
the maximum number of "channels" supported by the actual device ? So
this number would be something being stated in the specs or even used
in advertisements ?

> the routine is CHROUT or BSOUT ($ffd2). prints one character in A, and does
> all the cursor advancing, scrolling etc. however, CHROUT is file-i/o, it will
> always output to the current active file handle - so mixing it with posix
> stuff is probably not a good idea.

So I presume there's no "well known" low level entry point to the
routine being called if the current active file handle turns out to be
the screen (?)

Again thanks, Oliver
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