[cc65] Questions for CBM guys

From: Oliver Schmidt <ol.sc1web.de>
Date: 2008-02-29 16:27:39

I'm currently working on improving the Contiki 2.x web server for the
C64/C128... (You can see it live at www.c64web.com.)

I've seen in the cc65 C-library source that there is a maximum of 8
open files for the POSIX file I/O functions. So I'd like to be able to
serve 8 concurrent HTTP requests. My question are:

1. Is it correct to presume that the underlying "DOS" supports (at
least) 8 open files so that the C-library limit can be used up?

2. Is it possible to open the very same file several times? Maybe if
it is opened only for reading? The web server calls POSIX open() with

3. In order to be able to use all 8 POSIX files for serving HTTP
request the 3 standard files (in / out / err) are closed right at the
beginning of main(). However there's a need to write some logging
information to the screen. The conio library is both a little
heavyweight and doesn't support scrolling.

So I'm looking for the "standard" ROM (aka Kernal ?) routine for
putting a character (or a null-terminated string) to the "current
cursor position and advance that". I'm sure you know what I mean. It's
not about speed but about simplicity. It would especially be great if
there were one routine usable both for the 40 and 80 col display on
the C128.

Im totally new to CBM low level programming so any hints on
prerequisites for calling that routine (banking ?) are appreciated -
obviously the same is true for register settings an entry / exit.

Thanks in advance for your support, Oliver
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