Re: [cc65] C64, Interrupt and in need of an example

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2008-02-28 14:40:38
On Donnerstag 28 Februar 2008, stefan wrote:
> Please don't forget to acknowledge pending  irq's. Do the
> irq-init immediately before the cli, else an irq could be
> triggered while initializing screen memory or bitmaps
> or music! This applies whether you use C or pure assembler!

ooops, yes indeed.

whats much worse though, and you overlooked it aswell *G*, is that d019 isnt 
acknowledged in the irq routine itself either - so it wont work at all, 
glitches or not =D


Wenn man nicht so gut schwimmen kann, sollte man einfach nicht so weit ins 
tiefe Wasser gehen. 
<Bob Marley>

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