Re: [cc65] ca65 small suggestion (actually two)

From: <>
Date: 2008-02-19 23:34:47
On 2008-02-19, at 22:28, Mark J. Reed wrote:

> On Feb 19, 2008 4:16 PM, Ullrich von Bassewitz
>> I don't think is does make much sense to rename the labels. They  
>> are used in
>> many of the basic CBM files, so renaming would be needed for *all*  
>> CBM
>> platforms - which will probably be confusing.
> As far as the US/English editions, the VIC-20 and C-64 PRG's use the
> CHROUT set of names; the C-128 PRG uses BSOUT.  I don't know why the
> change, but it might be helpful to include a file that aliases the
> names so that programmers used to the older ones won't have to make
> their own aliases.

That's interesting idea and that would be probably the easiest  
approach in case changing the names in the "affected" machines'  
subdirectories would create problems outside of them.

> These are the names on the C-64 as I learned them:
> ff81 cint
> ff84 ioinit
> ff87 ramtas
> ff8a restor [...]

Yes, and I just checked also in German version of the PRG ("Alles über  
den C64" - ISBN 3-89090-379-7) them to be the same, even if this  
particular edition is much newer than the first edition and contains  
even GEOS supplement. As mentioned here it seems that the naming was  
changed for the newer machines for some reason (if any real one) but I  
never saw those on the 64 until few days ago.

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