Re: [cc65] ca65 small suggestion (actually two)

From: <>
Date: 2008-02-19 18:18:50
On 2008-02-19, at 14:40, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

>> I was wondering if it would be possible without too much effort to
>> support a syntax like:
>> .export CHROUT = $FFD2
>> instead of
>> .export CHROUT
> Yes, that may be useful and probably easy to add.

Would be really nice to have it! There was a small error in what I  
wrote above. I am almost sure that you understood correctly but to  
clarify: I wasn't asking to implement it "instead of" but rather  
"instead of only".

>> The second thing is that I noticed in the packaged include files,
>> namely kernal.s of c64 subdir of libsrc that sevaral functions are
>> named differently than in both of the major resources like "C64 PRG"
>> and "Mapping C64".
> This is a pretty U.S. centric view:-)

:-D Hehe - Some people here know how "US Centric" I am ;-) But I don't  
hesitate to give credit where credit is due and to me those two  
library positions were always the fundamental ones, which got later  
translated to also German. "Alles über den C64" is AFAIR the German  
version of PRG and I have both but in doubt I refer back to the  
original (English) one.

> While I've heard of these books, I do
> not own them, and this is probably true for most German Commodore  
> users. I
> cannot currently remember, where I got the identifiers from, but I'm  
> pretty
> sure I didn't invent them myself, so I assume they're from a  
> (german) book.

I see. As I wrote - it is not something very important but I found it  
when I included some files and got surprised that such "obvious"  
things like CHROUT didn't work.

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