RE: [cc65] Atari Library dosdetect.s

From: Shawn Jefferson <>
Date: 2007-04-03 03:11:48
Christian said:

> The Atari runtime is already the largest of all cc65 platforms, I think.
> And the best way IMO to detect NODOS would be to scan the driver table 
> (HATABS) for an entry for the "D" device. Which would add even more bytes.

Probably best then to keep the dosdetect.s function as small as possible,
and write another function that is more robust in detecting the presence and
version of DOS.

>I think this is a good idea. The _dos_type variable then only detects 
>DOSes which the runtime needs to distinguish in order to work correctly 
>and support all options, and the new function could give more detailed 
>information about other/no DOSes. In this case the NODOS define could be 
>in fact removed, in order not to confuse people in the future. The 
>new function could be part of the runtime, but not in that part which 
>unconditionally gets loaded.
>Could you send me your list of $700-$70E contents?

Yes, I'll send them to you...


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