Re: [cc65] how to write a driver

From: Johannes Braun <>
Date: 2006-08-03 15:29:52
Ullrich von Bassewitz schrieb:

> The harder way is to assemble and link the driver manually. In this case you
> do need the zeropage.s module from the source tree:
>         ca65 -t c64 zeropage.s
>         ca65 -t c64 -I /path/to/asminc/dir mydriver.s
>         ld65 -t module -o mydriver.emd mydriver.o zeropage.o
thanks a lot, this one works!!
now i can test the driver code and if it seems to be ok and anyone 
interested, just let me know!
(the problem was that i dod not know that there is a target "module", i 
was fiddling around with the linker config file, but if it is that 
easy... ;)




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