[cc65] Loadable overlays

From: Payton Byrd <payton1paytonbyrd.com>
Date: 2006-07-25 18:59:54
Hey guys.

I'm working on the 128 BBS project being organized at http://landover.no-ip.com/128/index.php and am putting together some proof of concept code.  I have an expression parser that's the root of a BASIC like language for the BBS as well as putting together an entire infrastructure for the BBS.

One of the things we've talked about is loading modules in at run time.  These modules could be written in either CC65, CA65 or our interpreted BASIC.  I would love specific information on how CC65 sets up the 128 memory map and how we can load modules to specific locations.  Also, is it possible to link a CC65 object file that was compiled from C so that it always loads at a specific spot on a specific bank and doesn't get linked with the CC65 runtime?

I know my questions are a bit clumsy as I'm new to this kind of development and hope you gurus can give us some guidance.

Payton Byrd

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