Re: [cc65] cl65 bugs

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2006-06-28 19:52:39
On Wednesday 28 June 2006 08:38, Greg King wrote:

> "It's not a bug -- it's a feature!"  ;-)
> cl65 isn't as smart as gcc.  It doesn't look "over the hedge" to see what
> else will be coming on the command line.  Instead, it obeys each object as
> soon as it reaches that object.  cl65 compiles/assembles each source file
> when it reaches that file's name on the line -- cl65 uses only the options
> that it already has seen.
> Those "-o" options are in the wrong place.  You must change the
> command-rules in the makefiles.  Actually, it generally is a good idea to
> put all option objects on the left side of command lines, and to put all
> non-option objects on the right side of those lines (that advice is true
> for most commands).
> root/2> cl65 -I .. -c -o obj/out.o ../1/foo.c
> root/2> cl65 -o --add-source -c foo.c

mmmh while i understand why it is doing this now, i think the behaviour is 
atleast inconsistant then.... it should complain about the bogus -o option if 
it doesnt use it IMHO.


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