[cc65] cl65 bugs

From: Groepaz <groepaz1gmx.net>
Date: 2006-06-26 04:37:55
while working with the contiki 2.x port i noticed some bugs in the cl65 

1) create a directory structure like this:


place a sourcefile in /root/1 and change workdir to /root/2. now compile the 
sourcefile using a command like

root/2> cl65 -c ../1/foo.c -o obj/out.o

the object will not end up in /root/2/obj as expected, but it will be created 
in /root/1 instead. if you compile by invoking cc65 directly it works as 
expected, so the bug is obviously in cl65.

2) cl65 doesnt honour the argument to the -o option as expected. if you 
compile something like this

cl65 -c foo.c -o out.co

it will not create "out.co" as expected, but "out.o" instead. again when using 
cc65 directly this works as expected.

3) this is not really a bug but rather a missing feature, but i think it would 
be nice and convinient to have the behaviour changed.

at some point in the contiki 2.x buildprocess it wants to link a bunch of 
files like this:

cl65 [some files] foo.co [more files] -o out

cl65 complains with "dont know what to do with foo.co", which obviously is 
because it checks filetype by extension and decides ".co" is no known 
extension to it. now what would be nice (and resemble the behaviour of gcc) 
if it could, after recognizing it doesnt know the file extension, also look 
at the content of the file and test if it is in cc65-style object format and 
if yes threat it as such.

that last problem actually requires the most ugly workaround of these 3 so 
uhm...it would be indeed nice to have it changed :=)



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