[cc65] Mouse API

From: Daniel Covington <danlizzy1comcast.net>
Date: 2006-03-10 18:53:11
Hello All...

 Just lookin for some help. I'm still new to C. I've been studying it for a month now. I'm using the mouse in an application I am making. I need to know what row and column the mouse cursur is pointing to when the left button is pressed so that what ever letter it is pointing to can trigger a function for that pupose. 

I know that the mouse cursur screen coordinates are in a structure but Im not sure what the syntax is to access them believe me I've looked in a lot of places to find out but to no avail. I need those coordinates then I will divide by 8 for both x and y and get the cursur coordinates. 

Here is the code I thought would work for this .
unsigned int cursx = info.pos.x / 8;
unsigned int cursy = info.pos.y / 8;

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