[cc65] C64 drive direct access question

From: Raj Wurttemberg <rajw1c64.us>
Date: 2005-10-22 20:42:44
I'm working on my 1541 disk drive testing helper program when I have time
and I have been using the book "Inside Commodore DOS". I was trying to get
the 1541 to move the head to a specified track and was not having any luck.

The cc65 code was correct but I could not get the drive head to move.
Well... It was a type-o in the documentation in the book. On page 105 the
last line is:

390 print#15,"m-w"chr$(0)chr$(0)chr$(1)chr$(job)

The line should read:

390 print#15,"m-w"chr$(0)chr$(0)chr$(2)chr$(job)

For my program in C it looks like this:

unsigned char cmW2r[] = { 'm', '-', 'w', 0, 0, 2, 0xb0 };

Hope this helps anyone (like me) learning to use 1541 direct access


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