Re: [cc65] Question regarding mouse driver

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2005-10-05 14:16:29
Hi Greg,

first of all thanks for your quick reply :-)

> Look at the INSTALL: subroutine in "cc65/libsrc/c64/c64-1351.s".  Some
> comments in the middle of that routine tell you what the code must do.

I assume you refer to this comment:

; Be sure the mouse cursor is invisible and at the default location. We
; need to do that here, because our mouse interrupt handler doesn't set the
; mouse position if it hasn't changed.

I surely read that before but somehow got the notion that it was something
special about the way the interrupt handler works on that machine/device.

But now that you pointed me there I understand that it is a more general
information suitable for most scenarios.

> "Invisible" means "hidden" (in case anyone didn't know), and the default
> location usually is at the center of the screen.

Thanks again for the hints, which should make me go into the right direction :-)

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